On Geoengineering & Climate Change

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After following Naomi Klein’s « This changes everything » talks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdaxehd0cF0), and very much agreeing with all of her arguments, I wonder why are we not already publicly and urgently debating, the regulation and legislation of Geoengineering, along with questioning our system as a whole.

It is urgent to mention, understand and publish everything that we know about Geoengineering and legislate, so that this kind of technology is only use towards good goals for everybody:
http://deepdecarbonization.org/ (Project I’m involved in).

Great talk about the subject: https://www.ted.com/talks/david_keith_s_surprising_ideas_on_climate_change?language=en


Mark her words!

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdaxehd0cF0
Book: http://www.amazon.com/This-Changes-Everything-Capitalism-Climate/dp/1451697392

Echo system

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Here are a couple of really interesting articles I’ve just read, that inspired me a « short musical prayer » to the planet and her people (https://soundcloud.com/ye-stepper/echo-system) that I put on free download.


This is one Brazilian team’s simple solution to ending soccer violence

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Of predictive analytics, god and $$$!

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Nowadays, everybody talks about « Big Data » (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_data). « you don’t understand, it’s SOOOO like, the next revolution!!! »

But behind Big data really lies the power of « Predictive Analytics » (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predictive_analytics). But this algorithmic, statistical power raises the questions of god, religion, and… above all… $$$!

When I refer to god, I mainly refer to the common belief among religious people everything and everyone has a destiny, a fate… « God’s will » if you won’t! It raises an interesting BIG question!

Ok, so I don’t know in what god you believe, but i’m guessing you also believe in the unfortunately too real god $$$! Now the money is built on trust and if you get, as a system or a society, to a pretty good level of predictability… which would mean that there is no improvement of reality possible more than that there already is… so now money loses its value… I mean we’d live in a perfect world where everything is in some way « risk managed »… Because if you have less risk, things should really cost less, as you know the money you ‘re lending will have, say, 80% chance to create wealth in return (and pay back the loan)!

And yet… we’d be left with a non-pefect reality that may have to do with the uncertainty principle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncertainty_principle) or the Butterfly Effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect), and the chaos and all that (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K_Foundation_Burn_a_Million_Quid)…

… So not a perfect situation but money certainly will lose a lot of its value… we could end up with several monetary systems, one for little purchases and another for businesses. But the 2 real questions for me here are these:

– If we now have the power to plan things ahead and « relatively control » the outcomes that we want… If we now almost have the power of a god, that is, to relatively «  »predict » » the outcomes of things… then who gets to play Jesus?? The private businesses (or states) that have exclusivity on our data so that they can foresee our future behaviour, hence the business outcomes, hence make more money?? Well that would make a lot of little Je$u$$!!

– If we’re living now in a « MAN THINK, MACHINE MAKE » world and these predictive analytics are actually correct, then what’s left to the « THINK »?? and most importantly, what’s left to the WORK?

And to end on the same note, It’s often said that the inequality gap has never been greater than today (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_inequality) but that’s maybe partly because our rich world, and the finance world especially, had access to these predictive models of statistics much earlier on (I don’t know when though!) than the rest of us… mortals.


Addicted To Your Love – Hostyn James (Feat. Umberto Cutillo, Piotr Szachewicz and Yé Stepper)

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Addicted To Your Love – Hostyn James

Small poppy song we recorded with the great Hostyn James from Toronto. Great voice! We had a great time doing it! … Like cream to your ears! Enjoy!

– Hostyn James – Voice
– Umberto Cutillo – Bass
– Piotr Szachewicz – Guitar
– Yé Stepper – Synth & Beats

La función vient à peine de commencer

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La poussière se met dans des coins inssoupçonnés
des petits grains auquel le temps donnent un pouvoir fort!
Fais pas le grand, que tu sais très bien ce qui va t’avoir au tracet
à force de pendre, de tordre et de brouilloner
pas encore fort, 100 fois pas mort et pourtant tu sais que tu vas creuver…
d’une petite chose, un petit tort, que tu auras de trop répeter…
qui se cachera là, dans un coin retord… comme un lent harakiri,
Une vie vrillée mais tout le monde sait que c’est l’arbre qui cache la foret,
comment se retrouver, se redroiter
se racheter pour toutes les preuves qui nous ont soudoyés,
un petit tort de presque rien, qui t’eloigne de ce que tu croyais etre ton sort
et qui t’engouffre dans ses entrailles sans que tu l’ai meme pas vu passer!
pas encore fort, 100 fois pas mort… et la tempête ne fait que commencer…