Bogotá by night

juillet 21, 2009 § Poster un commentaire

Bogotá looks like a rather big american city. Driving through its streets, it reminds you of what you know of Los Angeles but with a decadent feeling to it. Dirty, cold and dark, is the first impression. Even the posher areas (with British-style houses) look run-down. Shady skinny silhouettes walking dark and dirty streets… reminds me a lot of the rough feeling Los Angeles seems to have (in movies i´ve seen), few people in the streets, all in their cars.

Driving at night in the district of the Candelaria (colonial quarter in the centre of the city), we stop at a traffic light, by a military station (they are everywhere) with 2 guards watching the street… it´s about 12 at night, no one around. An old renault stps right behind us, the driver turns all his lights off and honk his horn for, i´d say a good 30-seconds… the 2 guards are completely oblivious to the long and loud « scream ». The man actually wants us to pass the red light as most people do (at night anyway). But we don´t and as soon as  we start the car, the Renault 5 accelarates agressively and passes us by so close we need to rush to the right to dodge him! muy locos esos rolos!


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