How many me?

février 1, 2015 § Poster un commentaire

He goes out to the street. He’s alone, moving slow, with no energy, it’s night time, raining.

At a red light, he crosses ways with a couple holding hands. The guy wears a hood… it’s dark and raining, and he doesn’t really see/recognise his face. But the guy is loud and laughing, making big confident gestures, apparently explaining something to his girlfriend. He reminds him of someone…

Later that night, he’s in the metro. At one station that has one exit per direction, he sees another guy putting a kippah on his head, going down the stairs of the station with a bike in his hands. The jewish guy seems almost autistic, very focused and introverted but gets mixed up in the directions and crosses the train lines to get to the other platform. Funny image of a crazy guy « crossing the lines » of the train with a bike on his shoulder… Again, it reminds him of someone but he can’t put a name on it.

He goes on to go to pick his girlfriend up. They walk hand in hand, both at the same pace, in-sync… another rythm starts to grow from their steps… frequency shift… it’s raining and he puts his hood on. At a red light, he starts telling her about the jewish guy in the metro, imitating him and laughing (indistinct laughs and Bass-saturated chat), they laugh hard and cross together at the red light.

Later on, he takes his bike and goes to the synagogue… going down the street on his bike, going fast and drawing large zigzags… frequency shift… He punctures a tyre and decides to take the metro. He takes his bike on his shoulder and goes down in the station. On the platform, he gets mixed up in the directions and decides to cross the lines.

That’s when he realises!

/* same idea but at the scale of a lifetime… the same guy bumps into himself at different times/stages of his life without knowing it… Only at the end he realises we’re one. */


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